Bellwether offers various services in Trading Technologies, starting from product development, business strategy implementation, project management, technical integration and Algorithmic strategy development with knowledge transfer, in addition to people based 24 hour global trading operational support and surveillance managed services.

Strategy Automation

Bellwether works closely with traders, brokers and fund managers to convert trading ideas into Automated Trader Strategies. Bellwether has extensive experience of working on various types of Trading and Execution Strategies for Indian and Global Markets.

We closely work with trader in entire life cycle of trading strategy:

  • Automated Signal Generation and routing from an existing model
  • Automated Trade Firing into exchange for a given broker (domestic, international ex: IB, TT, Takion, Lightspeed, Sterling, Omnesys, etc)
  • FIX Protocol consulting and integration
  • Low Latency Feed Handlers
  • End to End Trading Systems Optimizations
  • Data Cleaning, Data recording, Maintenance from broker specific APIs
  • Custom Risk Management
    • Expiry Risks, Roll Overs
    • Lot Size, Quantity checks
    • Complete list of more than 25 risk checks
  • We can successfully deliver projects which require knowledge in following languages
    • C / C++ / Java / C# / Python / VBA / Matlab / R
  • Strategy Automation

    Alpha Creation / Improvement
    • Alpha creation from new ideas based on research papers, journals, trading articles
    • Models involving low end, high end statistics, stochastic processes, Mean reversion statistics, Time series modeling
    • Data Backtesting
    • In Sample, Out Sample
    • Simulation
    • Alpha Improvement in existing/new model
    • Statistical filters for quality trades in Stat Arb models
    • Momentum based filter to fire less trades in trend following models
    • Models on which we have worked in past
      • High Frequency & Ultra High Frequency based Models for equities and commodities
      • Market Making Models
      • Pair trading, Stat Arb Models
      • Trend following Models
      • Portfolio Level Models
      • Synthetic Index Creation & Statistical Spread Arb
      • Risk Free arb in Cash, Futures, Options
      • Execution Based Strategies - TWAP, VWAP, IceBerg, Implementation Shortfall, etc
    Automated Trading Consulting

    We absorb and comprehend your business challenges while you grasp the opportunities ahead in Automated Trading. Together, we tailor plans and road maps to allow your Automated Trading to move forward. Effort is not enough without purpose & direction. Bellwether helps brokers in Rolling out Automated Trading Strategies to its HNI Clients.

    Bellwether consults broker on setting up Automated Trading Desk which encompasses below:

    Strategy Automation
    Software Lifecycle Management

    Bellwether understands what it requires to build a successful Software product. With its expertise of complete software Lifecycle management it manages custom development of product for its clients. We are able to take on projects and deliver them through entire software lifecycle. From Requirements analysis, to development, testing deploys to production, and production release management.